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Print Production & Mail Room Staffing Services

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Your organization needs for people who deliver results. We help you find them by reducing the burden and increasing the effectiveness of your hiring process.

Evolv Solutions' staffing solutions are designed to provide contract staffing, workforce management, temporary staffing, project management, outsourced labor and contract compliance services. Our staffing solutions will ensure your organizations' success whether we manage your print production or mail room operation or simply provide the qualified labor to support your operation.

Our experienced recruiters and staffing specialists understand the industry inside and out and can help you find the "right candidate" in a timely manner. We prescreen all our candidates through personal contact and a careful assessment based on our industry knowledge. Candidates come to us, attracted by:

  • Our articles and advertisements in major trade publications
  • Our high visibility at trade shows and industry events
  • Our close involvement with professional associations
  • Our postings on our website and other strategic locations
  • Our referrals from satisfied candidates and clients

We believe that any placement has to be the right fit for both the company and the candidate to be a success, and this can only be accomplished if we focus on relationships with both parties, rather than transactions. Highest ethics and a solid understanding of the objectives of all parties involved in a search further ensures a successful placement.

Our Recruiting Process

  • Initial Phases
  • Recruitment Channels
  • Vetting Selecting Staff
  • Options for Small Businesses

The recruitment and staffing process begins with extensive planning. Before commencing the actual recruitment and hiring of employees, we carefully assess our client's needs, including the type and number of employees it wants and can afford. We also confirm desired education, experience, employment history. No two hiring practices are exactly alike, so we work with our clients to determine how many employees it can afford based on contemporary market salary averages and considerations such as full-time vs. part-time employees, benefits packages and experienced vs. inexperienced employees. Together, these efforts are designed to draw in the best possible staff we can attract.

The identification and use of recruitment channels begins after we analyze our client's basic framework regarding its employee wants, needs and budget. A myriad of recruitment channels exist, including overseas outsourcing, Internet job boards, internal reorganization, employee recommendations, campus recruiting campaigns and online tools such as social networking sites and blogs. According to the authors of "Management: Current Practices and New Directions," Social networking sites provide increasingly important recruitment tools, while traditional methods of recruitment such as print ads and job fairs prove less effective in the digital world. Once we identifying the ideal recruitment channels for a business' wants and needs, we use those channels to collect resumes, identify job candidates and arrange interviews.

The process of vetting and selecting staff comprises the final phase of the recruitment and staffing process. We've reviewed resumes, conducted interviews, met with job candidates and compared the qualities and abilities. We then conduct as thorough of a background check as necessary or as specified by our clients.

Recruitment and staffing prove especially important for small businesses. The success of a limited-income venture often depends upon the performance of the staff. Hiring the right staff might mean success and expansion, while hiring the wrong staff puts a business back at square one. A number of recruitment and staffing agencies exist, including temp agencies, which identify temporary employees and potential temp-to-permanent employees, and standard recruitment and staffing agencies. Standard staffing agencies undertake the entire recruitment and staffing process for a business, from initial planning to final hiring. International staffing agencies offer the option of outsourcing, although this rarely serves a practical purpose for a small business. Alternate options include purchasing recruitment and staffing software, which business owners can use in place of a recruitment agency, and hiring HR staff to perform this function.

Plus: Technical Staffing Services

Evolv's document management and information technology experience has afforded us tremendous opportunities to participate and provide insight on various IT projects. So, let Evolv support your technical staffing needs as well. We can help on variety of projects like: Help Desk, Disaster Preparedness, Documentation, Information Assurance & Security and Data Conversions.

Ask about our unique approach to providing Tier I and II labor procurement.

Let Evolv handle your support labor search efforts and FM staffing challenges.

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